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Producing parts layer by layer

LayerWise produces your complex metal parts and series in a single step. Additive Manufacturing (AM) results in high quality parts in Titanium or any preferred metal alloy using less material and no scrap, reducing unit weight by up to 80%. AM is the right choice for small metal products, of which hundreds or even thousands can be produced simultaneously.

Simplify assembly – Upgrade conventional subassemblies to full-dense monolytic components.

Value engineering – Full freedom of shape supports the production of 100% functional designs.

Reduce cost – Simplified construction and extended life cycle yield significant cost savings.

AM-produced parts with internal channels or features, including prototype components and serial production batches.

A broad application reach

Typical markets include precision mechanics, process industry and aerospace/marine as well as medical and dental industry segments. Industrial applications cover complex circulation parts as well as tool inserts with conformal cooling.