MOVIE - LayerWise metal Additive Manufacturing (AM)

LayerWise’s unique metal additive manufacturing capabilities for industrial, medical and dental applications. Convert functional designs into winning products that increase your bottom line.

MOVIE - LayerWise builds world’s first complete lower jaw implant

LayerWise applied Additive Manufacturing (AM) to produce an award-winning Titanium total lower jaw implant reconstruction. To treat a senior patient’s progressive osteomyelitis of almost the entire bone, surgeons opted for such a complete implant the first time ever. LayerWise specialists printed the patient-specific implant design incorporating articulated joints and dedicated features. The complex reconstruction has been implanted successfully. It restored the patient’s facial esthetics and allowed her to regain her speech within hours.

MOVIE - LayerWise artificial jawbone created with 3D printing

An 83-year-old woman’s infected jawbone has been successfully replaced with an artificial 3D-printed titanium jawbone in a world first. The 3D printing technology developed by LayerWise NV of Belgium used additive laser melting in which a 3D printer builds up a medical implant layer by layer. The artificial jaw was fabricated from titanium powder and weighs about 107 grams. The patient is now able to speak and function normally again.

MOVIE - DentWise implant suprastructure design and manufacturing

DentWise pushes the boundaries of implant suprastructure design and manufacturing. Dental technicians appreciate the design freedom associated to DentWise implant bridges and bars that cannot be produced any other way.