LayerWise mission

Increase your added value through advantages of Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM)

LayerWise offers its technological expertise realized by being technology developer as well as technology user.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) allows LayerWise to produce the most complex metal part shapes, including recess, ribs, cavities and internal features.

Additive vs. subtractive

“At LayerWise we reverse the entire process,” says Jonas Van Vaerenbergh, one of LayerWise’s founders. “Our core business is Additive Manufacturing (AM), a technology developed to build up material in layers instead of removing it in different steps.  ”CAD directly drives the machine without requiring any programming, clamping or tooling. The AM approach is capable of simultaneously producing functional metal parts of different shapes in series of up to 50,000 pieces. As this impacts economics favourably, LayerWise is able to offer affordable unit prices and short delivery times.”

In addition to producing small components efficiently and cost-effectively, AM hardly imposes any limitations in terms of geometry. As a result the most complex part shapes can be produced, including recess, ribs, cavities and internal features. Usually AM products cannot be produced any other way, removing all obstacles in favour of extreme part optimisation. In the meantime, LayerWise has optimised the process for a variety of metals and alloys, including stainless steel, hardenable steel, titanium, aluminium and inconel.